Business process automation

for Greater Efficiency and  Competitive Advantage


Most Consultants newer run their own business. They will advice you on things they have never used themselves. Additionally they will NOT take any responsibility for the advice they sold. They are interested in increasing the amount of billed hours, whatever your results look like.


 We drive results and only implement tools which we have tested and use to run our own businesses. We take responsibility for the results and have a mindset of continuous innovation. If you want results and want to make your business fit to operate in the digital age lets talk.




We are generalist with broad knowledge which enables us to analyse and access your situation in all the complexity.



Based on your unique situation we develop and propose a strategy which we break down in small steps to ensure it working.



We provide hands on work on implementation of the processes into your operations. We implement a feedback system and a continuous improvement loop.

Key skills

Digital Transformation
Data & Analytics
CRM Implementation
Sales Process Automatisation
Machine Learning
Industry 4.0
Lean & Manufacturing



Matthias Kubicki – Founder & CEO
Matthias is an entrepreneur focusing on Business Process Automation. He has over 10 years of experience in B2B sales and business development and is specialized in Digital B2B Sales increasing results by using the best digital practices (Ecommerce, Analytics, Data, Mobile, Process Automatisation and B2B Online Marketing)


Matthias has successfully introduced multiple access control products to the door and window industry and localized them. During this time he acquired the top industry players as customers and built distribution networks from zero up to increasing recurring revenue.
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We assess our clients based on value fit, long term cooperation possibility and new opportunities.