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 Matthias Kubicki 



We specialise in business process automatisation and workflow technology to help you automate your work. We can help you identify how automatisation technology can solve your problems and automate the way you work.


We drive results and only implement tools which we have tested and use to run our own businesses. We take responsibility for the results and have a mindset of continuous innovation. If you want results and want to make your business fit to operate in the digital age lets talk.


We want to determine what your goals and use cases are and how we can help you reach them. We will freely share our experience, recommend tools and solutions.


This is a project discovery phase where we determine the value of your project and our place in it. We make sure that we understand your goals & requirements correctly.
We will present to you our solution an how we intend to solve your challenges.


We provide hands on work on implementation of the processes into your operations with a continuous improvement loop. We remain available for feedback or adjustments as necessary.

Key Skills

Business Development
Lead Generation
Business Analytics & A/B Split Testing
CRM Implementation
E-Mail Automatization & Deliverability Optimization
Communication Optimization & Automatization
Website Creation & Hosting


Process Automatization:
Zapier, Integromat, Process Street
E-Mail Deliverability Optimization:
GSuite/Gmail, Mailgun, Mailchimp
E-Mail Automatization:
GSuite/GMail, Streak, Clearbit, Auto-Follow-Up
Marketing Automatization:
ActiveCampaign, Intercom, Drift, Drip
Spreadsheets Collaboration:
Airtable, Google Sheets
WordPress + Yoast, Goolge & Facebook Ads
Zendesk Sales, ActiveCampaign, Intercom
Slack, Twist, Zoom
Website Hosting:
Serverpilot, DigitalOcean, AWS, Cloudway
Website Creation:
WordPress, Woocommerce,
Lead Capturing:
Typeform, Google Forms, Calendly
Support Ticketing Systems:
Zendesk Support,
Phone & IVR Tools:
Zendesk Talk, Twillio
Knowledge Management Systems:
Confluence, Zendesk Guide
Task Management:
Google Tasks, ToDoist, Toggl, Trello
Business Services:
Expensify, Wave Accounting


Matthias Kubicki
Matthias Kubicki is a Digital Business Strategist. He lives and breathes new technologies, which he merges with business. Since a young age Matthias has build several companies from idea to running successful operations. He has over 10 years of experience in business development and is specialised in automatizing and increasing results by using the best digital practices. He is persistent, resourceful and has a broad knowledge of multiple industries.


If you do not find Matthias in the office or on a business trip he is in search for business opportunities and authentic experiences around the world.
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